Counseling & Social Work

What do we do in the Counseling Office?



Our goal in the DJHS School Counseling office is to address the academic, career and social emotional development of all students. We want to ensure that all students are prepared with and have access to the knowledge and skills to contribute at the highest level.

We know that students can face a lot of challenges that impact their learning. We want to be here to make sure students, and their families, feel supported at every level to help them succeed.



Who Are We?

Shani Hernandez

Mrs. Hernandez is our counseling office administrative assistant and our registrar. She handles records for Dalton Junior High School. She also handles bus information, work permits, and certificates of enrollment.


Damaris Natola

Mrs. Natola earned her bachelor’s in Psychology from Lee University and her master’s in counseling from Regent University. She just started her 12th year as a school counselor! She began her career at Dalton Middle before our school became Dalton Junior High! She works with all students with the last names that start with A through Heredia.


Haley Manney

Ms. Manney is our new school counselor this year! She grew up in Athens, Tennessee before moving to Chattanooga to pursue her undergraduate degree. She earned both her bachelor’s in criminal justice and her master’s in school counseling at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She will see students with the last names Hernandez through Patel.


Lauren Watkins

Ms. Watkins was born and raised in Dalton, Ga, and went through Dalton Public Schools herself! She earned her bachelor’s in social work from the University of Georgia and her master’s in school counseling from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Ms. Watkins is also the REACH scholar academic advisor for DJHS. She works with students with the last names Patino through Z.


Amairany Vidana

Ms. Vidana is the social worker for DJHS. She is also the family involvement coordinator for the afterschool program, Cat City. She earned both her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in social work. Ms. Vidana works with attendance and helps to provide resources to the students of DJHS and their families.